FOX News article highlights results of Pioneer Service's 2015 Military Finance Survey
Study shows military families spending less, saving less, feeling unprepared for financial emergencies

Kansas City, Mo. (05-21-15) Last year, Pioneer Services partnered with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling and Harris polling to conduct a survey of military families and their financial situations. The company did a follow up this year, and the results of its 2015 Military Financial Survey were recently referenced in an article on

In the article on FOX, CMS Allen Usry (ret.) highlights the results and discusses the need to address the issues raised by the survey. Usry served in several senior enlisted leadership positions during his 30 year military career, and is a consultant and contributor to Pioneer Services' award-winning financial education program.

The survey of 831 service members shows that savings is down 49 percent among military families compared to last year, and 50 percent now consider themselves totally unprepared for a financial emergency (versus only 10 percent last year). There is some good news in the results, as service members have reduced their credit card debt on average. An easy-to-read Survey Infographic from Pioneer Services highlights both the positive and negative trends.

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