Military families can keep Money On Reserve with help of Pioneer Services.
Division of MidCountry Bank offers unique savings account for use in financial emergencies.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (06-21-11) Almost every financial expert recommends that families keep anywhere from $500 to six months take-home salary in an emergency savings account. The idea is that these families can "borrow from themselves" whenever they have an unexpected expense, such as car repairs. Pioneer Services can help military families make such an account a reality with the MidCountry "Money On Reserve" (M.O.R.) Account. Customers can apply for this specially designed savings account in every Pioneer Services office.

The account is fast and easy to set up, requiring just an initial $10 deposit to open. Customers can opt for a debit card to easily access their funds in an emergency, and those who open an account can earn a $25 gift card* for consistently saving money for a full year.

"Savings is an important, yet overlooked, part of a financial plan because most people don't think they can afford to put any money aside," said MidCountry Bank President Steve Meads. "So we created an account that makes it easy for families to save, no matter how tight their budget, and rewards them for their consistent savings habits. The fact it has been very well received shows us we succeeded in helping military families create more successful and secure financial futures."

To learn more about, or even open, the M.O.R. Account, visit your local Pioneer Services office.

*Gift card awarded for balances of $500 or more in the first anniversary month of account opening and will be paid within 30 days of anniversary date. Gift card may be taxable income. $1 fee for ATM withdrawals.


Scott Cahill
Public Relations, Pioneer Services
ph: 816-448-2300
fax: 816-561-9333

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