MidCountry Financial assists combat-injured during Military Appreciation Month.
Redeploy Your Recyclables campaign raises money, protects environment.

MACON, Ga. (05-12-10) In recognition of National Military Appreciation Month, and to assist combat-wounded service members, the MidCountry Financial family of companies have organized Redeploy Your Recyclables, a nationwide electronic devices recycling campaign during the month of May. The combined locations of Heights Finance, MidCountry Bank, and Pioneer Services will serve as drop-off sites throughout the month.

All donated items will be recycled for money, with USA Cares Inc., a non-profit that helps combat-wounded service members, receiving between $1 and $250 for each item of value donated, and all remaining items disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

"With all three companies working together, we have nearly 200 combined drop-off locations in 19 states where people can go to drop off their old electronics," said Heights Finance Marketing Manager Mark Criss. "That gives them a lot of options."

Added Robin Roberts, senior vice president and director of marketing for MidCountry Bank, "And by giving us their old electronics, they're helping combat-injured service members, the environment, and even themselves since they don't have to pay for disposal. It's a triple win."

Eligible donation items include: MP3 players; laptops; gaming devices; cell phones; external drives; graphing calculators; tablet e-readers; and Blu-Ray DVDs. Any service members who drop off their items at a Pioneer Services office can also attend one of the Military Appreciation Month activities occurring at selected locations.

"Those who have served, and are serving, have given so much to our nation," said Karen Von Der Bruegge, chief marketing officer for Pioneer Services, "it just makes sense to give something back to them."

For more information on this campaign, as well as drop-off locations, visit