MidCountry Financial Corp. warns public of financial services scams.

MACON, Ga. (01-26-10) MidCountry Financial Corp., a financial services holding company with organizations that serve customers around the world, is warning the public and customers about several financial services scams in which its corporate name is being referenced illegally.

On several occasions, scammers have sent packages or letters via UPS overnight delivery to potential victims that claim to be from a recognizable or legitimate sounding company. Some of the scam letters were forwarded after victims responded to online ads to become a "part-time secret shopper."

These forged letters tell unsuspecting targets that they have been approved for a loan, an international money transfer, or will be compensated for being a secret shopper. They also include what appears to be a valid check from MidCountry Financial Corp., with the memo line on some checks referencing a "one-time payment." In most instances, the victim is asked to first send their own personal check, or to transfer money, directly to the scammer in order to cover some fee or fictitious down payment, with the promise that they can then cash the forged check they received in the mail. Unfortunately for the victim, the check they received in the mail is bogus and has no value.

MidCountry Financial and its various organizations--including MidCountry Bank, Pioneer Services, Heights Finance, MidCountry Investments, Insurance Planners, and MidCountry Mortgage--have absolutely no connection with this matter in any way, are actively investigating this hoax, and have contacted state and federal consumer and law enforcement offices as necessary.

The company recommends that anyone who receives a similar package or correspondence, or knows someone who has, to contact the proper authorities immediately, including their local Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, and their state's attorney general.