MidCountry Financial Corp.

MidCountry Financial Corp. is a financial services holding company headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina with organizations that serve customers around the world.

Capitalized with $32 million in August 2002, MidCountry Financial made its first acquisition the same month. The second issue of common stock was completed in October 2004, and total capital now exceeds $220 million.

In November 2018, MidCountry Financial Corp. sold its interest in MidCountry Bank to MidCountry Acquisition Corp.

Today the company is comprised of a consumer fiance company, Heights Finance Corporation, which serves small communities throughout Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, and Pioneer Financial Services, Inc., a company that services the niche military lending market.


* MidCountry Financial Corp. does not have an ownership interest in, nor is it an affiliate of, MidCountry Bank, Bloomington, Minnesota

MidCountry Bank