MidCountry Financial Board of Directors

The MidCountry Financial Board of Directors ensures the company serves our shareholders and their interest in the long-term health and financial strength of the organization. In its role as the primary governing body, the board provides oversight of major strategic company issues and is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and compliance.

Robert F. Hatcher

Chairman, MidCountry Financial Corp.
Vice President of Capital and Strategic Planning, MidCountry Financial Corp.

Richard W. Carpenter

Former Vice Chairman of First Liberty Financial Corp.

Eugene I. Davis

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, PIRINATE Consulting Group, LLC

C. Lee Ellis

Retired, former Executive Vice President of Investments, Alfa Insurance Companies

Robert F. Hatcher, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer, H2 Capital, Inc.

John D. Hemmings

Senior Vice President, Investments, Alfa Insurance Companies

Sherry A. Kellett

Retired, former Corporate Controller, BB&T Corporation

James R. Lientz

Partner, Safe Harbor Consulting;
former Chief Operating Officer of the State of Georgia

Michael W. Rowell

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Alfa Insurance Companies

Stephen G. Rutledge, CPA

Retired Executive Vice President, Operations, Alfa Insurance Companies

Kevin S. Wilder

Assistant Vice President – Investment Manager, Clayton Bank and Trust

Timothy W. Williams

President, 21st Mortgage Corporation


* MidCountry Financial Corp. does not have an ownership interest in, nor is it an affiliate of, MidCountry Bank, Bloomington, Minnesota