Heights Finance Corporation

A Subsidiary of MidCountry Financial Corp.

Heights Finance Corporation has been a financial services provider since 1953, and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of MidCountry Financial Corp. in 2002. Heights Finance, a subprime consumer lender, has more than 100 branches in small- to medium-size communities across six Midwestern states.

Offering personal loans for all types of needs, Heights Finance has a strong commitment to responsible lending. The company has a long history of helping its customers overcome credit obstacles and providing lending services to individuals unable to obtain financing through traditional channels. Heights Finance also offers dealer financing—purchasing account receivables from local retailers.

The successful model created by Heights Finance encourages branch managers to run their locations like their own small businesses. As a result, they connect with community leaders and organizations, develop a true knowledge of their customers, and they're able to provide the friendly, face-to-face service that's so vital in small communities.

For more information, please visit the Heights Finance website.

MidCountry Finance

A Division of MidCountry Bank

MidCountry Finance, a division of MidCountry Bank, services portfolios of subprime consumer loans. For more information, please visit the MidCountry Finance website.