Guiding Principles

At MidCountry Financial, our values, vision, and mission are more than just words. We've created a culture that incorporates these principles into everything we do. Each company uses them as a guidepost to help us create a successful future.

Our vision for today and beyond.

We strive to build a high-quality financial services organization respected by our constituencies, and characterized by values grounded in integrity and fairness.

The mission that keeps our business focused.

We will become the financial services organization of choice by:

  • Delivering high-quality, diversified financial services to our customers
  • Offering our team members opportunities for growth, recognition, and development
  • Delivering current and long-term value to our shareholders while remaining true to our values

The values that guide us.

Integrity—We operate our company based on a well thought-out set of principles that we believe will always lead to long-term success. Therefore, we do not compromise our principles in any situation.

Fairness—We strive to treat all of our customers, vendors, shareholders, and employees in a fair and equitable manner. And we actively promote respect for each individual, teamwork, and mutual support.

Honesty—MidCountry Financial is committed to the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct. We say what we mean, and mean what we say, in order to earn and retain the trust of our customers, employees, and shareholders.

Excellence—Our culture promotes a unique passion for excellence that is evidenced in the quality of our products, our superior customer service, and our commitment to bettering our communities.

Compassion—We endeavor to treat our customers, employees, and shareholders with respect and dignity. We strive for openness and candor in every circumstance, and seek to find an equitable balance by including compassion in the equation.


* MidCountry Financial Corp. does not have an ownership interest in, nor is it an affiliate of, MidCountry Bank, Bloomington, Minnesota

Customer Service

Providing values- driven customer service to hundreds of thousands nationwide.